11 Mar

Big Data, BYOD, The Cloud…it’s all a waste!

cloud-computingCIO’s have long been known for navigating the competing demands of innovation, security and budgets.  On one hand, they have the business calling for BYOD/BYOC solutions and on the other they are being told to automate and strecth their budgets.  As social media continues to grow across the enterprise, VDI and big data solutions are adding to the growing portfolio of challenges on his/her desk.  Setting the strategy and negotiating some of those deals will often fall into their space, but there are a number of activities that often get delegated down but have incredible impact on the overall organization.    One key area that can provide tremendous value add is in the procurement/vendor selection space.  Visit our recent post on the various RFx Stages and download our free white paper “8 Common Vendor Selection Mistakes & Ways to Overcome ThemRead More

11 Feb

6 Tips for Effective Project Communication

communicationIt seems many clients are tired of spending so much time clearing up miscommunications on a project, when they would rather see work completed. But to me, communication and project progress go hand in hand. Poor communication is indicative of a project manager’s capabilities to coordinate, lead and effectively manage the project. While it may only be perception, it is the only thing folks have to go on. A strong communicator — even when communicating bad news — is seen as in control and can maintain the confidence of the organization. Read More

10 Jan

Embed Project Managers into Business Units

PMNetworkNot only was it an honor to be included in the Project Management Institute’s magazine, PMNetwork, but it was a topic that I am very passionate about…moving Project Managers out from the dungeons of IT and getting them embedded into business units.  While there is tremendous value in the basic blocking and tackling tasks of project managerment (templates, scheduling, etc), an organization can shift this discipline into a competitive advantage in the industry.  Read More

28 Dec

Vendor Selection and RFI, RFP, RFQ

SourcingThroughout my career, I have been on both the bidding side of RFx exercises and also led such activity in the efforts to select a vendor or portfolio of vendors.  In the past year, I also took on an initiative as an Implementation Manager with an e-procurement software provider.  These efforts have provided me with extensive exposure to every aspect of the RFx (I will get into the X of RFx in just a moment) process.    To provide context, some initiatives that I have been a part of include… Read More