29 Mar

Forget Methodologies, We need Project Leadership!

The need for effective leadership is greater than ever before

Traditionally, a good project manager was someone who was logical and rational and effective at dealing with events, tasks and processes. It was someone who would work to the client’s brief and use their authority to deliver the desired outputs. Often, this type of project manager would study best practices and company procedures so that they could play by the rules and ensure that the standards were upheld. By understanding how the firm operated, they could blend in, adopt the company culture and ensure that their team would continue to contribute to the way things had always been done.

The traditional paradigm no longer works

But this approach no longer works. We cannot rely on the old ways of delivering projects as the world is becoming increasingly complex and competitive. We are operating in a more-for-less culture Read More

18 Feb

The Silver Bullet to Project Success – Sponsor, Project Manager and Business Analyst

Is your organization looking for that silver bullet; a fail-safe solution to avoid another project failure?  Project success should not be elusive if you have an executive sponsor, project manager and business analyst: 1) identified at the beginning of your project, 2) filled with competent trained staff, and 3) engaged with internal and external stakeholders throughout the project. In fact, these roles could be the remedy to cure major prevailing problems in your organization.  i.e.: .poor project performance, over budget, solutions not meeting stakeholder needs/expectations.

Let’s look at a snapshot of each role to better understand how the role and key behaviors/skillsets help sets the stage for project success. Read More

19 Jan

Common Sense: A New Project Management Method

From today you can now practice my new project management method… for free! It’s called Common Sense® and I think that it can dramatically improve your project management success rates. So much so that I’m staking your reputation on it. Forget all the five-day courses, thousands of earned PDUs and award ceremonies you’ve attended for completing a training course. My method trumps all of those by telling you what you already know; that to be successful as a project manager, you need to be a better, simpler, more positive, likable, organised you.

There are no fancy 500 page textbooks with complicated diagrams. There are no certificates to prove you read something cover to cover. I simply ask you to find a mirror, look into it (this is a very important step) and ask yourself what you can improve based on a few behavioral-based project management observations.

Another benefit of Common Sense® is that in order to refresh your skills you simply need to wake up one morning and say ‘today I will look to change [insert behavior here]’. You don’t have to scour the internet for courses (although a good coach could definitely help) or wait for an annual performance review. You could use the start of a new year, birthday or the fact that it’s Monday to refresh your skills all over again.

Here’s a snapshot of Common Sense®: Read More