29 Mar

Forget Methodologies, We need Project Leadership!

The need for effective leadership is greater than ever before

Traditionally, a good project manager was someone who was logical and rational and effective at dealing with events, tasks and processes. It was someone who would work to the client’s brief and use their authority to deliver the desired outputs. Often, this type of project manager would study best practices and company procedures so that they could play by the rules and ensure that the standards were upheld. By understanding how the firm operated, they could blend in, adopt the company culture and ensure that their team would continue to contribute to the way things had always been done.

The traditional paradigm no longer works

But this approach no longer works. We cannot rely on the old ways of delivering projects as the world is becoming increasingly complex and competitive. We are operating in a more-for-less culture Read More

11 Feb

6 Tips for Effective Project Communication

communicationIt seems many clients are tired of spending so much time clearing up miscommunications on a project, when they would rather see work completed. But to me, communication and project progress go hand in hand. Poor communication is indicative of a project manager’s capabilities to coordinate, lead and effectively manage the project. While it may only be perception, it is the only thing folks have to go on. A strong communicator — even when communicating bad news — is seen as in control and can maintain the confidence of the organization. Read More